General Sales Policy

General Sales Policy

Placing an order implies full acceptance of these general sales policy regarding the products offered by Gotto d’Oro Cooperative Company, through the e-shop
“VINEA DOMINI” is a trademark, registered in the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, owned by GOTTO D’ORO COOPERATIVE company, with registered office in Via Del Divino Amore n. 347, 00047 Marino (RM), VAT number 00899081004, telephone number 800868105.
The customer can request information by contacting “VINEA DOMINI” customer service, at the following email address: [email protected]

Purchase procedure

For the success and fulfillment of the order, it is necessary that the Customer provides exact and complete data during the purchase transaction; after completing and placing the order, the client will receive a confirmation e-mail from “VINEA DOMINI” of good receipt of the order. The customer is invited to save or print the confirmation e-mail and keep it; if he does not receive it, the Customer is invited to contact Gotto d’Oro Customer Service at the following phone number: 800868105 or email: [email protected].

Error in data compilation

If Customer’s data is incomplete or in any case inaccurate (in order to make it impossible to deliver the ordered products), “VINEA DOMINI” Customer Service will contact the Customer before processing the order.

Product prices

Prices of products are shown on the website and, unless otherwise indicated, must be understood as inclusive of VAT. Once published, prices cancel and replace previous prices; the fulfillment of the order is however subject to the actual availability of the products.
Gotto d’Oro, as owner of the registered trademark “VINEA DOMINI” reserves the right to confirm or modify the prices of “VINEA DOMINI” products published on the e-commerce website or in brochures and advertising material, upon confirmation of the Customer’s order.


Payment can be made as following:
to. Through PayPal system, for deliveries in Italy;
b. By Credit Card, for deliveries in Italy;
c. By bank transfer (the order will be processed once the bank transfer has been received), for deliveries in Italy;
d. Through system, the only payment system for deliveries abroad.

For the Customer who decides to pay by bank transfer, the transfer must reach Gotto d’oro account within 10 days from the date of email sent to the Client by “VINEA DOMINI” Customer Service confirming the good receipt order; after this deadline, in the absence of payment the order will be automatically cancelled.
The Customer must indicate his name and last name and the order number in the bank transfer reason.

The transfer should be done on the following account for Italian deliveries:

– Bank: UNICREDIT S.p.A.
– IBAN: IT63P0200821900000500012161

Once the bank transfer has been credited, Gotto d’oro will immediately ship the ordered products to the address communicated by the Customer.

Products not available

If the Customer orders products unavailable, with the consequent impossibility, even temporarily, to fulfill the order partially or totally, “VINEA DOMINI” Customer Service will promptly contact the Customer to make any agreements, without prejudice to the possibility for the Customer. This one can request the cancellation, even partial, of the order and the refund of the price, if already paid, related to the products being canceled.

Product Anomaly

In case of an anomaly of a product purchased on the website, the Customer is asked to communicate to [email protected] the batch number shown on the wine bottle, on the back label reported as “LXXXXX”; a technical from Gotto d’oro will be instructed to check the status of the reported batch kept in the warehouse of the winery. Should the anomaly detected by the Customer be found, Gotto d’Oro will reimburse the cost of the damaged product, using the same payment method used on the website to complete the order.

Normative and legislative references

The sales contract between the Customer and Gotto D’Oro, owner of the registered trademark “VINEA DOMINI”, is concluded in Italy and regulated by Italian law (D. lgs 206/2005). For any disputes arising from the formation, execution, interpretation, withdrawal and / or termination of this contract of distance selling, if the Customer is a consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is the forum of the municipality of residence of the Customer; in all other cases the territorial jurisdiction is governed by the Italian Code of Civil procedure.

Vinea Domini the nobles of Lazio

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